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Antikythera Mechanism Men's T-Shirt C5CAN2

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A diagram of the oldest known computer which was found in a shipwreck by sponge divers in 1901, the Ancient Greeks used the Antikythera mechanism to predict astronomical positions and eclipses using and intricate system of gears. It also tracked a four-year cycle of athletic games not dissimilar to the ancient Olympic Games. Historians believe the mechanism dates back to 150-100 BC, and once it was lost to the sea clockwork technology of that complexity did not appear again until the fourteenth century, when mechanical astronomical clocks were created. Our charcoal t-shirts are all high quality, heavyweight (200 g/m�) and 100% combed cotton. Featuring: 2.3cm knit collar, shoulder-to-shoulder taping, fine gauge knit, front coverseaming on collar and tubular body construction for shape retention.

Antikythera Mechanism Men's T-Shirt C5CUGGAN2

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